In August 2019, we had…

a day of family fun involving tech, creativity, makery, imagination, rockets, robots, exploration, drones, space, internet of things, 3d printing, doodling, retro computing, trails, code breaking, engineering and much much more…

Imagine a Future Expo & Makery for kids by kids and adults.
What would it look like?

An opportunity for the Community to Collaborate and shape the future together

From all areas of the community – schools, large and small businesses, social enterprises, parents and children. We want to create the space for us to understand what current and future technology advances means for our future in an interactive and fun way.

Who are we? an initiative with a mission to inspire and educate 5 to 14 year olds (and their parents) to be innovators by providing them access to technology, people and possibilities.

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Could this be an occasion to encourage future Innovators?

Learn with your children about future technologies and other STEAM* subjects in an interactive way. Here’s your chance to get more up to date with what tomorrow’s world could look like.

*STEAM=Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Maths

Celebrate. Create. Innovate.

The fun event with a great purpose…Why are we doing this?

Because we want to explore.

How do we best prepare our kids for the digital future? Technology moves so fast…so how can they get the skills for jobs that do not yet exist?

How about, we give our kids a sense of “can-do” attitude, access to technology, great people and possibilities?

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